Thursday, March 27, 2014

Slave Runaway: 24-Year-Old William

SEVENTY DOLLARS REWARD. -– Ran away from the Third Section of the James River and Kanawha Canal, about the middle of July last, a bright mulatto, named WILLIAM.  He has a bushy head of hair, a smiling countenance and polite manners; is about twenty-four-year old, and five feet ten or eleven inches in height.  He belongs to the estate of Dr. J. L. Trent, deceased or Cumberland, and may have gone to that county or to Richmond, where he has relations, or made his way to some military station, as he was last year in the service of General Longstreet, and acquired a fondness for camp life.  He had some military clothing with him.  He has a rupture, which may serve more readily to identify him.

The above reward and reasonable expenses will be paid for his delivery at the office of the James River and Kanawha Company in Richmond; at the plantation of J. Robertson, seven miles below Lynchburg; to the undersigned, or any agent of the Company; or half the sum for such information as may lead to his recovery.  A. MICHAELS
                                  Superintendent Third Section
   se 27 – 6t              James River and Kanawha Canal

Source:  “Runaways.” Richmond Dispatch (Richmond, Virginia) · Tuesday, September 27, 1864,·Page 1 Downloaded on Mar 25, 2014.

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